Limousine Service Terms And Conditions

The client agrees to permit Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. to charge these additional charges to the credit card used for the Agreement up to 24 hours after the services have been rendered.

If any payments due to Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. remain unpaid 7 days after the services have been provided, Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. will have the right to add and collect interest and late fees. Interest rate for late payment will be calculated at 14% per annum.

The Client must provide any and all complaints in writing within 24 hours of rendered services. Cash Agreements require that the deposit be made with-in 72 hours of the reservation, no reservation will be final until the deposit has been received.

Full payment for the balance of services is required at the time of pick-up. Failure to provide payment will result in the services being suspended. All charters must be guaranteed by credit card and deposit (if required at the origination of reservation) received to confirm reservations.

The balance due will be charged to your credit card for a reservation not canceled properly. If you’d like to pay the balance due by credit card, it must be received no later than two week before the scheduled pick up time for reservations over $300.00 otherwise, the balance must be paid in cash at the time of pick up.

To avoid a late cancellation or no show fee, the reservation must be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy noted above. To do so you may either call (877) 252-8081.

If you experience difficulty locating the chauffeur, DO NOT LEAVE please call
(877) 252-8081.

Leaving the pick-up location without notifying will result in a no-show charge. Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. agrees to provide the designated vehicle and a chauffeur at the time, date and location specified on the contract.

Unless specified on the contract, request for additional hours will be provided only if the vehicle is not scheduled for other work. Number of passengers allowed in the vehicle shall be no more than specified number in contractor limited to the vehicle passenger capacity it is designed to carry.

Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. guarantees that all vehicles are properly maintained and placed into service only when they meet our high service standards. Because these vehicles are subjected to heat and excessive use of power-operated equipment they may be subject to temporary failure.

This does not interfere with the safety of the vehicle and any mechanical incidents will not be cause for the termination of this Agreement with the sole exception being an inability for Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. to replace, repair or otherwise continue the contracted service in a reasonable amount of time (minimum 30 minutes maximum one hour).

Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. recommends that all valuables be removed from the vehicle when unattended at any time by the client. Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. or Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. employees are NOT responsible for any unattended, forgotten, left, lost, damaged or stolen articles in the vehicle at any time.

Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. will strictly enforce all State and Federal Laws. No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed or used by any person not of legal drinking age.

No illegal substances are to be used or consumed by any clients regardless of age. At any time during the contract should the Best Chicagoland Limousine Inc. representative find that any applicable laws are being violated he/she will have the right to immediately terminate service(s).

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